5 Speed Gear Clusters

We are offering a 5 speed gear cluster to fit your existing gearbox. The cluster comes complete with all the components to fit, including selector forks, and cam plate, etc. As well as all of this, we have also gone one further, with a choice of either road or race ratio’s, conventional or reverse operation cam plates.

We can supply the clusters (to order only)for you to fit, or offer a fitting service. By sending us your standard gearbox, we will fit the cluster and prove it for satisfactory operation, it’s your choice. The cluster is suitable for fitment to all Venom Prefix 12 gearboxes, KTT Mk VII, VIII, Pre War MSS and Mk II KSS.*

*As a different size of clutch is fitted to the Pre-War Models, the later clutch may be required to be fitted. Care should be taken to ensure clearance and alignment is kept.

December 2016 – Currently taking orders for Gear Sets as next batch will be ordered this month.  Once ordered it could be many years before there is enough interest to manufacture the next batch- DON’T MISS OUT.

If you would like to download the data sheet, please follow the link below:-

Installation Guide

5-speed-installation-guide-part-1 5-speed-installation-guide-part-2 5-speed-installation-guide-part-3
Specification sheet 5-speed-specification-20-12-16


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